Thursday, September 27, 2012

AL Eastern Conference Round 1: (1) 1999 AL vs. (4) 1993 AL

In figuring out how best to post the results for each series, it has taken me a while to get the results for each postseason series onto the blog. I think I have it figured out though. Bear with me as it's a first attempt.

The 1999 AL All-Star Team vs. The 1993 AL All-Star Team

The first AL Eastern Conference Round 1 match pitted the first seed 1999 AL All-Star Team against the 4th seed 1993 AL All-Star Team. Here are how the pitching match-ups and lineups were determined:

  • The pitching rotations were set based on the All-Star Series results posted on bdj610's Topps Baseball Card Blog (you can click on each of the links on the sidebar to see each year's match-ups).
  • The lineups for the first six series were set, with each position player in the starting lineup twice.
  • The seventh series was done in an anything goes format, where the lineups were randomly determined, spot starters were used (SBS only allows up to five names for the rotation).
  • The series was not run in a best-of-seven (first to four wins). All seven series are run regardless of the outcome.

So let's begin with the season summary for both teams.

The 1999 AL All-Stars won their division with a 98-64 record. The 1993 AL All-Stars finished fourth with a 72-90 record, and won the tie breaker with the 2005 AL All-Star team thanks to a 10-8 head-to-head season series.  The 1999 AL All-Stars took the season series against the 1993 AL All-Stars 13-5.

For the tournament, each series consists of 10,000 simulated games. The winner of each series = the winner of a game. Here are the results from the seven series simulations:

  • Game 1: 1993 AL vs. 1999 AL, Jack McDowell (93) vs. Pedro Martinez (99). The 99 AL team wins 8,090 games out of 10,000 simulations.
  • Game 2: 1993 AL vs. 1999 AL, Randy Johnson (93) vs. Bartolo Colon (99). The 99 AL team wins 5,337 games.
  • Game 3: 1999 AL vs. 1993 AL, Mike Mussina (99) vs. Kevin Appier (93). The 93 AL team wins 5,393 games.
  • Game 4: 1999 AL vs. 1993 AL, Aaron Sele (99) vs. Jimmy Key (93). The 93 AL team wins 5,180 games.
  • Game 5: 1999 AL vs. 1993 AL, Orlando Hernandez (99) vs. Pat Hentgen (93). The 99 AL team wins 7,050 games.
  • Game 6: 1993 AL vs. 1999 AL, Mark Langston (93) vs. David Wells (99). The 99 AL team wins 5,429 games.
  • Game 7: 1993 AL vs. 1999 AL, anything goes. The 1999 AL team wins 5,889 games.

The 1999 AL All-Star Team advances to the second round thanks to a 5-2 series win. They will face the winner of the (2) 1997 AL All-Star Team vs. (3) 2008 AL All-Star team. The results for this series will be posted shortly.


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